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Welcome and Bien Venue! I am so glad you have taken the time to visit.

I felt the Lord working in my heart leading me to missions in 1988 when I was just about 15 years old. I did not have any idea where that would be but I was pretty sure it would not be anywhere in Africa. I had never told God I would not go tto Africa. Thtat would be presumptuous. I just thought that in His wisdom He would know not to send me to Africa as a missionary.  Why not?

Well, for starters, I did not like hot weather. I was extremely squeamish when it came to bugs and other creepy crawly things. I shivered even THINKING about snakes. I didn't "do" dirt roads. I was happy to pass through small towns but to live in one, or even worse to live in a village? Yea, I don't think so. Next, please. 

So, you might ask, where exactly did I end up serving as a missionary? In what most would consider a large village in the middle of West Africa and for the most part I absolutely love it (although I still shiver at the thought of snakes). Yes, God has a sense of humor and my life proves it.

For more information feel free to look around my website and see what you can see. Any questions? Feel free to ask. You'll find a form to do that exact thing under "contact me".

Thankful for God's sense of humor,